God Will Give Orders/Sweet Child                piano, cello, djembe  Available from Oxford University Press               

     This evocative anthem, from the larger work Snow Angel, is a piece of two halves. Opening with a haunting cello line, the first section ('God Will Give Orders') is mystical and ethereal, until a vibrant figure from the djembe lifts the music into the second section ('Sweet Child'), which is uplifting and bold in character, with a distinctly African feel and an effective a cappella ending.

Here on these branches                   unaccompanied and percussion Available from Oxford University Press           

     This bewitching setting tells the story of a young girl walking in an enchanted forest, mesmerized by dreamy, ancient songs sung by a chorus of birds. An atmospheric ostinato played on finger cymbals and claves accompanies the voices, and Quartel sets a strong melodic line against the warm harmonies of the birdsong.

Recording: McMaster Women's Choir, Hamilton, Ontario

                   Dr. Rachel Rensink-Hoff, Conductor

Here on These Branches McMaster Women's Choir.mp3

I Will Be With You                                           unaccompanied                                                         $2.50

               “If there are tears or singing, know I will be with you.”

  •             A tender and emotive text accompanied by lush harmonies
  •             Youth choir, adult choir, university choir, advanced high school choir

                                                        unaccompanied        Available from Oxford University Press               

     Sanctum is a captivating setting of four movements of the Requiem text, inspired by the landscape of the west coast of Canada. Each movement depicts an aspect of Vancouver Island (the water, mountains, wind, and sky), exploring landscape as a place of healing and sanctuary. The combined effect is some of Quartel's most atmospheric and dramatic writing to date.

Snow Angel                                             piano, cello, narrative      Available from Oxford University Press                            

     Snow Angel is an evocative five-movement choral work that explores themes of love, rebirth, and beauty through the eyes of children and the heavenly army of angels that watch over them, yearning to make a difference to their lives. The work may be performed with narration, in which three angels present their perspectives on their earthly charges. Quartel weaves a haunting and poignant cello line throughout the work, and a vibrant part for djembe in movement four, 'Sweet child', carries the listener from the ethereal and mystical realm the work predominantly inhabits into an emphatic anthem with a distinctly African feel. The musical language is emotive and pictorial, allowing performers to play an active role in the storytelling.

Voice on the Wind                          unaccompanied and hand drum  Available from Oxford University Press                            

     Voice on the Wind sets an inspiring text, written by the composer, about the empowerment of singing. With a catchy melody, imitative scat singing, and a driving hand drum accompaniment, this piece has all the hallmarks of Quartel`s innovative style.

Winter Solstice                                               piano, violin                                                               $4.00

               “With your light we can drive the darkness on the longest night of the year.”

  •             A 10 minute work in 3 movements: I. Night, II. Fire Dance, III. Sunrise
  •             Youth choir, adult choir, university choir, advanced high school choir
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